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Putting my Eggs in Mr. Hashimoto’s Basket: The Saga, Part 2

I’m not really sure where to start.  In my last saga post, I left you hanging with a promise to provide you with what I am and am not eating.  But since that post, some recent discoveries about my health have been made.  Here are some recent test outcomes:

  • Vitamin B12 is low
  • TSH levels are at 4.6 (was at a 3.3 in 2009)
  • thyroid peroxidase levels are at 300+.
  • White blood cell count is low

 What does this mean? 

B12 is not such a huge deal.  It was on the “higher” side of low, which means I can just take a supplement.

TSH is the test doctors do to test your thyroid levels.  What my doctor told me is most of the population is between a 1-2 range.  However, the  lab that did my results has a “normal range” of 0.5 – 5.  In their eyes as long as I don’t dip over 5 I am not considered hypothyroid, even though many labs have lowered their range to 0.5 – 3 and most naturopathic doctors have a range even smaller than this.

Thyroid peroxidase is an antibody.  My doctor told me levels should never be higher than 30, mine is 300+.  Higher levels can mean a lot of different things including Hashimoto’s Disease, Lupus (in all it’s various forms), Rheumatoid Arthritis, or other auto-immune diseases. 

Low white blood cell count may or may not be related to all of this.  Though, some Lupus patients have low white blood cell count.  My doctor ordered an ANA panel to be done to test for Lupus or other auto immune diseases.

Because of my family history (all the women on my mom’s side have hypothyroidism) and the fact that my TSH has been getting progressively higher (worse), my doctor (and I, who pretty much diagnosed myself in the first place) is leaning towards Hashimoto’s Disease.  Hashimoto’s is where your thyroid peroxidase (the antibody) basically attacks your thyroid and eventually kills it.  Hashimoto’s itself does not have any symptoms outstanding from hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism Symptoms (I’ve bolded my symptoms) Continue reading

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The Saga: Part 1

It started with a platter of aged cheeses and a bottle of wine. 

In August 2008 my two gorgeous friends and I ventured to a little town called Independence, Oregon for a much needed Girls Weekend.   We sat on the vast wraparound porch of the Victorian Independence B&B.  The sun set behind the trees.  The candles flickered.  We laughed, chatted and consumed ungodly amounts of cheese paired with apples and pears perfect enough to be featured on a Harry and David billboard. 

That’s when I felt it – a pinch under my right rib cage.  I immediately stood up and pointed to the spot.  “What organ is right here,” I demanded.  Dumbfounded, they looked at me.  I assumed they would know; they were after all more experienced in the medical field than I, a humble Journalism Major.  The CNA and the veterinary assistant continued to stare.  I explained to them my reasoning behind the random question.   “Oh um, not sure,” they responded.  No help. Continue reading

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Free Cookies: GF SF OF Oatmeal Raisin

Ok.  Not so much free as in a giveaway.

But behold my Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Oil Free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.  With the help and encouragement of my awesome coworkers, I was able to collaborate two different recipes.  I even threw in a twist of my own.

On this wonderful new diet I am on (for health reasons not weight loss) a few of my restrictions include gluten, high fatty oils and sugar.  My Oatmeal Raisin Cookie recipe is made with gluten free oats, brown rice flour, agave nectar and molasses and pureed avocado.  The avocado is my own twist.   

A word about agave and molasses.   I did my research.  Both agave and blackstrap molasses are low on the glycemic index, making it relatively easy for your liver to process and your body to digest.  These are the kinds of things I am going for.  Plus molasses is super high in iron and other minerals such as manganese.  Double bonus.

 Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Oil Free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

(and if Molasses is vegan…it’s vegan too.) Continue reading

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“The Force is with you…

 …young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet.”

After reading about “Clean Eating Non-Negotiables” on Healthy Endeavors, convictions of my current meal planning habits plague my mind like…a giant plague.  When I switched from blogger to wordpress I’d meticulously post my detailed weekly meal plans, including breakfast, lunch , dinner and snacks.  You should have seen me plan my meals. I did it with as much fervor as an English major dissecting Moby Dick. 

First, I took inventory – writing down what I had on stock, what meals I could make from ingredients in the pantry and fridge, etc.  Next came out my cookbooks.  All of them.  I browsed for ideas, meals my husband could manage, and for exciting new recipes.  Once I had a solid grocery list and menu, I hopped on the computer and entered meals and snacks on for a calorie count.  Finally, I lovingly wrote out my whole menu and posted to my blog (See example).

Are you tired yet? 

Continue reading

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How I feel

To say I feel like my health is going down the toilet, is an understatement.

Funny story about this picture though…  One leisurely afternoon in my master bedroom, I created a spectacular collage to potentially use as my header for this blog.  After completion of my masterpiece, I dutifully tossed my mess in the garbage next to the toilet.  Funny that health should happen land in the porcelain god.  Ironic because that about sums up how I feel these days.

Prayers and thoughts sent my way for healing are much appreciated.  Anyone out there in need of prayer?  I would be happy to shoot one up to the Big Guy for you.


 –Shawnee, The Ex-Perfectionist

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Maddie’s favorite toy is her ball and her favorite past time is running after the ball.  And when the sun is shining, she refuses to go outside unless the ball is in her mouth and one of us follows her outside to throw the ball.

Maddie also loves yardwork days.  Weeding goes like this: pull a weed, throw the ball, pull another weed, throw the ball again.  Ignoring her doesn’t work either.  She sits and stares at me with her penitrating gaze buring into the back of my mind.

I do love this mutt.

Have a great weekend everybody!

–Shawnee, The Ex-Perfectionist

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