To eat or not to eat?: The Saga Part 3

But first an update: My ANA panel came back negative.  This means I don’t have lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.  My doctor said it was either one of those or Hashimoto’s.  I see the endocrinologist this Thursday.  Hopefully she will get me on some synthetic thyroids for now…

Back to food:

That’s not really the question.  The question is more like “What the heck am I supposed to eat?”  Before I had all my thyroid junk tested all I knew for sure was that I have this pain in my side, slow digestion, and I was fatigued and emotional.  I also had this suspicion my hormones were acting up and were the culprit behind all my issues.

I was following a combination of the gallbladder diet (low in fats, all organic fruits and veggies) and the IBS diet (making sure to combine certain fibers with other fibers).  I had pretty much cut out meat, dairy, egg yolks, nuts, and gluten. 

Then once I found out about my Thyroid issues and Hashimoto’s, I started researching.  And researching.  And researching.  I found a few cases of people who, with the help of naturopathic doctors/nutritionists or their own research were able to cure their Hashimoto’s and get their Thyroid levels evened out.  These people did it all through nutrition and eliminating their food intolerances.

The problem I have come across so far is an inconsistency with what these people are eating.  The only consistency I have found is cutting out gluten and limiting goitrogens (foods that interfere with the thyroid such as cruciferous vegetables and soy).  I also read in a couple places to increase lean proteins and meats, and to cut out dairy, eggs, nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes peppers and eggplants) and nuts.

I went to a whole foods detox seminar on Saturday.  From what the health practitioners were saying foods like dairy, eggs, nightshades and nuts are inflammatory foods.  From my research, inflammatory foods are not good for people with autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s.

With all of the conflicting information I have found what I really need to do is see a naturopath.  This will be my next step after seeing the endocrinologist.  Naturopathic medicine is not covered under my insurance.  I’ll be saving up for a few months.

In the mean time my plan for food is to go 100% gluten free (rather than 90%); cut milk; cheese, butter, egg yolks, nightshades, goitrogens and nuts in very small moderation;  lean organic meats; fresh fruits and veggies; and whole grains.

I am somewhat leaning towards a more paleo (hunter-gatherer) diet, as I have read in a couple places this is a good for people with autoimmune diseases.   The only problem with this diet is that it can be high in fat and I really need to watch it as too much fat does still make my side flare up a bit.

There you have it.  Are you confused about what I am supposed to eat?  Me to.  I am going to try and go with “all things in moderation,” minus the gluten.  I really need someone just to tell me what to eat.

–Shawnee, The Ex-Perfectionist

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2 Responses to To eat or not to eat?: The Saga Part 3

  1. Lisa Stephenson says:

    I just googled nightshades and Hasimotos and came up with your page. I have been told i have hashimotos and have been following the Paleo diet sine August last year but only 2 weeks ago really dicided to tightnen the whole thing up and cut out eggs and nightshades.. so far so good. I feel goo but i dont know what my levels are like. Ill prob wait untill i complete a month before i get my bloood work done. Im curious to how you are doing with your new diet.


  2. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for reading and commenting! It is nice to meet someone who has similar issues. I haven’t done a “health” update for a while on my blog. To be honest, I am not doing so well cutting eggs and nightshades. I am pretty much infatuated with eggs and salsa. My mom has a chicken farm even. I get eggs for free. :/ I know right? There is just so much conflicting information and I find myself increasingly overwhelmed. I am slowly moving more paleo. I am down to one meal with starches per day. I think this may help with energy levels/weight…here’s hoping. While I am still eating eggs, I am eating only about one egg yolk per week, the rest are egg whites. I don’t know if that makes a difference in the inflammatory effects. Also, I am still eating some tomatoes in the form of salsa (I can practically drink the stuff). I am not prepared and not sure I have enough time to make the beet/carrot concoctions.

    Anyway, that response was practically a blog in and of itself. 🙂 I would be interested in staying in touch and discussing problems with you. 😀

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