To Wheat or Not to Wheat

That’s my question…

During my blogging absence, the pain I’ve had in my side for the past 2.5 years flared up somethin’ fierce.  But, it wasn’t I who said “nuff’s enough.”  It was my husband who said, “You’re going to the doctor and this is going to be figured out.  I’ll even demand you see a specialist.”  Then he whipped his wild steed and galloped into the sunset.

In the mean time I contacted the surgeon who my primary doctor referred me to and asked her to refer me to a gastro.  Luckily she did.  As it was a bit of a wait to get in to see the gastro and desperation kicked in, I decided then and there I would become a Gluten Free Vegan for one month and see how I did.

Keep reading for the rest of my story and a Gluten Free meal idea!…

I’ll admit becoming a Gluten Free Vegan did not make my pain go away entirely.  But my mental clarity was like looking through freshly washed windows.  Here’s a quote from the facebook note I wrote during GFV week one:

“Can’t believe I actually made it 5 days. Bring on the rest of the month! I feel incredible. My side still hurts and all, but I really do feel like my life has been really cloudy and all befuzzeld–like up until now. My Gluten Free Vegan-ness has made life seem a little more sunny.

 I am focused. I am energetic. I don’t feel like crawling into bed as soon as I get home from work.”       

This energy and mental clarity has been enough to make me continue being about 90% gluten and dairy free. 

What does 90% mean?

It means every now and then I am going to try a bite of one of my coworker’s amazing baked goods.  It means, when I get together with my girlfriends, I am going to enjoy a couple slices of aged cheddar with a glass of wine.  But for the most part, I am going to cook and eat in the absence of cheese and wheat. 

Gluten free pancakes make the best Panc-aninis!

Wednesday night is Panini night at the Wagging Tail Cottage (that’s the name of my home).  Wednesday nights have been the most difficult nights to be gluten free.

But behold, The Panc-anini!

For this meal idea, make pancakes using any gluten free pancake mix, add your choice of toppings (I used turkey, ham, guacamole, tomatoes, mayo and mustard) and then fry up on your Panini press (or George Foreman grill).

I will share the rest of my adventures in health care AND my Buckwheat and Quinoa Flour Pancakes with you in another post. 

Happy President’s Day!

–Shawnee, The Ex-Perfectionist

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2 Responses to To Wheat or Not to Wheat

  1. Pancake panninis sound super fun 🙂 And I’m glad to hear you at least got it pretty much figured out!! Good luck committing to such a diet.

  2. Kate says:

    oh yes! gluten free isn’t that bad! i’ve trying to be dairy free and well during this time and have done pretty good so far with just a few bits of cheese on my musrhoom the other night. i’ve found i actually like coconut milk yogurt better than the regular stuff 🙂 i am excited to read more about your expereince!

    ps – welcome back! i am glad you are blogging again!

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