Rule # 32

“Enjoy the little things.”  — ZombieLand

Captain’s Log: Valentine’s Day,  2011.

To quote Linus “Doesn’t anybody know what [Valentine’s Day] is all about?”  It’s taken 26 years, but I am slowly learning.  So far I’ve come up with: 1.) Expressing love and appreciation to loved ones. 2.) Enjoying the little things. 

And yes, I do think ZombieLand has some very applicable lessons; in more ways than one.

My little Valentine’s Day things…

Making candy Valentines for the coworkers.

Coming home to a clean house, roses…

my husband (unintentionally dressed in red.  My pink and red was very intentional)…

homemade Spanish Rice and Black bean soup (yes cooked for me by my man)…

exchanging sweet nothings (I feel like my card really expressed our relationship.  See below)…


watching my husband open up his baseball themed Valentine’s gift (after all, for his 30th b-day, I am sending him to Arizona for Spring Training at the end of this month)…

I would like to add that I am 3 years younger than my husband.

and finally, warm gluten-free brownies, almond milk and a romantic movie.

This may have been the best Valentine’s Day ever.

P.S.  Rule # 32 is a ZombieLand rule, in case you didn’t get that.  Please check out .  It may save your life one of these days.  😛

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  1. actorsdiet says:

    i’ve yet to see that movie – it was directed by someone i went to college with!

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