Chile Rellanos!

Here’s another adventure in vegetarian cooking.  I am still on the quest to finding meatless meals my man will eat.  This is no easy task.  Keep this in mind about my husband: fast food, frozen meals, PB & J sandwiches.  Only recently has he switched from Wonder Bread to whole wheat. Also (and this one I am really proud of) he’s eating the veggies I put on his plate.  But so far, only the cooked veggies.  So his idea of going mostly vegetarian has been a huge challenge for his wife who does 97% of the cooking.  😀

Chile Rellanos Casserole

I found this recipe on (click here to visit).  It has a 4.5 star rating.  I would give it a 4.

I think this recipe is more of a dip or a spread worthy of a party with a big bowl of tortilla chips.  Don’t get me wrong, the flavor is phenomenal, it’s just if you’re planning on having this as a meal, serve some spanish rice and homemade tortilla chips with it, like I luckily did. 

My husband oo’d and awed over it a couple times.  He didn’t like my crispy, homemade tortilla chips, however. 

I did make a couple substitutions.  I chose to use only milk, rather than condensed milk.  I just didn’t like the idea of putting “milk” with unidentified ingredients into my recipe.  The substitution of regular milk may have led to my casserole’s lack of perkiness.  I also added fresh, homemade salsa to the tomato sauce the recipe called for.

Note:  This stuff makes an excellent breakfast sandwich the next day!

Question: Have you ever had real Chile Rellanos? or What’s your favorite Mexican dish?

–Shawnee, The Ex-Perfectionist

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3 Responses to Chile Rellanos!

  1. Heather says:

    Looks tasty! My favorite Mexican dish is anything with Carne Asada

  2. i haven’t made a lot of Mexican dishes. we sometimes do fajitas (mostly veggies and rice) with LOADS of salsa because that’s the best part. (seriously, i pretty much eat the stuff straight from the jar.) never made it myself though, but now you’ve got me thinking! 🙂

  3. I absolutely love chile rellanos! It’s best to make it homemade too because it can be so overloaded with grease when you get it out.

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