10 Things You Never Knew…

…you wanted to know about me!

I really have never been one for filling out those email/Facebook forwards that have you answer a whole bunch of questions about yourself.  But today I thought, “I should do one for my blog.”

Just who is Shawnee, the Ex-Perfectionist, anyway?


1.  I am really more like a recovering perfectionist, on the path to becoming ex (example, I totally just flipped out because there was clutter in my house and people are coming over.  I took some deep breaths and did some reflecting…I am ok now.)

2.  I have two bestest friends in the whole world, Michelle and Brittany.  We’re all only children and we fight like sisters.  But we always make up in the end.  My kids will call them Auntie Michelle or Auntie Brittany.  P.S.  They are the “people” coming over today.

3.  My hair is naturally wavy.  I’ve been torturing it with the flat iron for years, but Michelle (my hair coach) is helping me train my hair back to it’s normal state (and that’s why the girls are coming over tonight).

4.  I got married when I was only 20.  I finished college though.  We still don’t have kids (I’m 26).  But we definitely want them…we just want to be able to feed them…thus the procrastination on the baby making.

5.  I giggle about word nerd jokes.  For example, I read a blog today that was talking about dependent vs. independent clauses.  With the independent clause they had a picture of Hermionie on Harry Potter and with the dependant they had a picture of Bella from Twilight.  hehehehe…so clever!

6.  I am totally artsy-craftsy and would be fine living my life as an artsy-craftsy hippy.

7.  I would also be fine living as a Yoga instructor and doing craftsy things and having my own chickens and a mini farm and writing freelance and traveling not only the world but the universe.

8.  I have never ever cooked ribs before.  But I am cooking them right now.  For Brittany and Michelle.  We’ll pair it with a watermelon/feta salad and herbed potatoes.  Don’t forget Britt’s surprise appetizer and Michelle’s dessert.  And, there might be a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge!

9.  Cheese is my number one, absolutely favorite food.  The older the better!

10.  I love Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and I used to have a crush on Keanu…until I realized he is only a few years younger than my dad.  :/  In my Keep Sake Boxes in the basement, I am pretty sure I have a photo albums with pictures of Keanu.  My best friend made me the album for my birthday one year.

That’s it.  Well, there is A LOT more to me than that.  I just have to go so I can finish the dishes and de clutter some more before Britt and Michelle get here.


Breakfast: Sautéed Peaches, Yogurt oatmeal and toast 

Lunch: PB and Jelly Sandwich, watermelon; 

Snack: Yogurt, berries, crackers and pb 

Dinner:  Ribs, potatoes, feta/watermelon salad, glass of wine, dessert…. mmm

–Shawnee, The Ex-Perfectionist 

‘Cause life isn’t perfect, but with a little planning and preparation, you can almost come close!

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10 Responses to 10 Things You Never Knew…

  1. actorsdiet says:

    i’ve been wanting to go to the raging waters that napoleon goes to in bill and ted’s all summer…it’s not to far from me!

  2. i’ve never cooked ribs before either! actually, i’ve never cooked most things, (like meat or chicken, or anything normal. ) ahaha….#5 would’ve made me laugh too 🙂

  3. I really like this post!
    I love to learn details about bloggers like this… I’m a total arts and crafts hippie too 🙂

  4. Kate says:

    love this! remember when you used to get those surveys via email in which you filled your favorites and first and what not? i lived for those! hope your ribs turned out well!

  5. I agree so much with 7. That could be my dream as well

  6. Heather R says:

    I live right by the high school where Bill & Ted was filmed!

  7. Look at you being all brave and making ribs when you’ve never had them before!! I eat them often and don’t ever make them for myself haha. Have fun with your “people”!!! 🙂

  8. Love this! I love your number five….I would have giggled about that one too!

  9. simply Life says:

    so fun to learn more about you!

  10. Tes says:

    Nice to know more about u… your hair is so beautiful!
    I used to have a crush on Keanu, too… 🙂

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