Just another Manic Monday…except it’s Tuesday

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It seems like I have been absent forever.  But despite my mini hiatus, I want to say thank you and send another hug and even an invisible high five to y’all.  You’re awesome and I appreciate all of your support so much more than you know.  So thanks.  🙂 

Life Update: I actually had a really great time at the Leadership Conference and got a lot of great insight.  I also got whooped at mini golf.  And I even got inspired to buy a pair of red boots.  hehehe.  My eating has been wonderful, even on the trip.  I treated myself once or twice during the conference (coffee and ice cream), but most of the time I found I really wanted fresh foods.  There were a couple times I contemplated a burger and onion rings, but then I asked myself if I really really wanted that.  My answer was surprisingly, NO!  I thought about how heavy a burger is and how greasy onion rings are.  They just sit in my stomach and make me feel heavy and sick.  At home I only one near death experience via potato chips.  🙂  But I caught my actions and took note.  Seriously a YAY ME moment.  The hubbs and I had a great time this weekend.  I plan to post some pics tomorrow.  😀 

This week’s meals… 

I decided to try something new this week.  I grabbed my Safeway ads and I bought only what was on sale at Safeway (or I wrote the list and my wonderful man went for me), and I planned my meals based off the ads as well.  Everything below is from Safeway’s ad this week, and I will even have a bunch of stuff for next week as well.  Only cost us $50.  That’s cheap for Safeway (or as my mom calls it Slaveway…she works there hehehe). 

Have you ever bought everything only from ads? 


Breakfast: Cereal with granola, fruit and milk 

Lunch: Salad w/chicken, cheese and veggies 

Snack: Peanut butter and crackers, apple, carrots 

Dinner: Beans, rice, ham and corn bread 

Snack: Sampler size Laura Bar 


Breakfast: Cereal with granola, fruit and milk 

Lunch: Leftover Beans, rice, ham and corn bread 

Snack: Yogurt, Apple, Crackers and cheese 

Dinner: Leftover Beans, rice, ham and corn bread (Again…Because my husband decided to be thrifty) 


Breakfast: Cereal, fruit and milk 

Lunch: Salad w/ham, cheese, cucumbers and feta 

Snack: Yogurt, peaches, crackers and pb 

Dinner: Teriyaki Chicken, rice noodles and veggies 


Breakfast: Eggs and toast, watermelon 

Lunch: Burrito w/ refried beans, cheese and lettuce 

Snack: Yogurt, peaches, crackers and pb 

Dinner: BBQ chicken sandwiches 


Breakfast: Sautéed Peaches, Yogurt oatmeal and toast 

Lunch: PB and Jelly Sandwich, watermelon; 

Snack: Yogurt, berries, crackers and pb 

Dinner:  Still up in the air, I may be spending some much needed girl bonding time with my adopted seesters. 

–Shawnee, The Ex-Perfectionist 

‘Cause life isn’t perfect, but with a little planning and preparation, you can almost come close! 


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13 Responses to Just another Manic Monday…except it’s Tuesday

  1. Um, when the coupon ad things come on Sundays, I’m sold. Especially around Christmas time. So fun 🙂

  2. thehungryscholar says:

    I love granola. I am starting to meal plan, well trying. I find these posts extremely helpful.

  3. lol @ Slaveway…love stuff like that!
    the sautéed peaches sound awesome!

  4. Congrats on your “YAY ME” moment! That’s so awesome! 🙂

  5. Tes says:

    It looks like you gonna have a delicious week! The meal plan looks amazing 🙂

  6. Oh I love budget challenges! No, I have never bought only “on sale” but I think it would be a fun challenge to try- great idea!!

  7. Let’s see the red boots!

    I’ve never bought solely things in the ads, but I do try to get ideas from them!

  8. Sometimes fresh really is best. Actually, almost always this rings true. I got the classic London fish ‘n chips the other day, just because I had to try it while I was here. While I don’t regret the decision because I think it was worth trying once, I’ll never get it again. It was definitely overrated and I felt sick afterward!

  9. I ve never managed to organised things like that. You are amazing

  10. thehealthyapron says:

    I have been meal planning my weeks for the past year and have saved at least $40 a week than my usual normal shops! It’s so much easier to at least have an IDEA of what you will be eating for the week! I need to get better with using coupons though!

  11. glad to hear you had a good trip! and your willpower – geepers, that’s amazing! it’s so much harder when you’re away and that’s maybe your only food option. sounds like you held your own though: i would’ve buckled by lunch time 🙂

  12. Kate says:

    i like this shopping from the add concept. i am always looking for money saving tips. thanks for sharing!

    glad you had fun at the conference!

  13. I always try to buy from the ads but have never totally been successful. Those meals sound fabulous.

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