Too hot to blog

Is that a reasonable excuse?  It’s 80+ in my house.  Wowsa!  My meal plan went down the drain because of it too.  Too hot outside to even BBQ yuck.  It’s been sandwiches and subway.  Oh I miss my free air condo.  :/

Any plans for the weekend?

Don’t forget to check out my Febreze Giveaway from yesterday’s post.  🙂  Night!

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3 Responses to Too hot to blog

  1. simply Life says:

    ha, our apt has been pretty hot too! hopefully things will cool down soon!

  2. I think it’s an excuse… at least it’s the same one I’m using for not exercising 🙂

  3. It’s not been very hot here, but when it’s hot, I never feel like cooking… I try to plan healthy salads, sandwiches, raw veggies, etc. That way, I don’t have any excuses not to eat healthy (most of the time)… 🙂

    No exciting weekend plans here. Try to stay cool! 🙂

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