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Day at the Beach: Have fun and burn calories too

 We all know spending a day at the beach is good for our psyche.  But who knew it was so good for our physical health too?  Check out this list of beach-worthy activities that burn some major calories. Boogie Boarding: … Continue reading

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(Monday night’s dinner: Whole wheat noodle’s with marinara, chicken and mushrooms, rosemary carrots and two thin slices of garlic bread). What do carbs, serotonin and overeating have in common? Anyone?  What you’d like me to tell you, or what you’d … Continue reading

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The Odd Couple

When you know, you just know.  It’s kind of like: How can it be wrong, when it feels so right?  That’s how I felt about this creation. I’ve been meaning to share this fruit and veggie salad with you all … Continue reading

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Manic Monday Meal Plan

 I didn’t intend for my absence from blogging to last an entire week.  But, alas, I felt I needed to take time and reflect on my priorities.  Turns out, if I want to do anything at all in the evenings, … Continue reading

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Today I ate Cheetos and Didn’t Feel Guilty

Last night I had the option of blogging or… shopping for clothes.  Which would you have chosen? So since giving up the dieting mentality and counting calories… I experienced one close call with a binge.  I had just gotten home … Continue reading

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Who won?

A quickie post tonight to announce the winner of my “Febreze is Fun for Everyone” Giveaway! And the 2010 winner of the Febreze Giveaway is… *opens envelope* #9 Melissa! Congratulations Melissa on winning the $15 gift card to Wal-Mart.  Spend … Continue reading

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Counting Calories has Failed Me

Losing weight sounds simple enough.  Total Daily Energy Expenditure – extra calories burned – calories not eaten = – 500 calories per day x 7 (days per week) = – 3500 calories or one pound lost.  Easy enough right? Wrong! … Continue reading

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