Leftovers/Pantry/Freezer Week

(I took a walk during my break today and picked about a cup’s worth of delicious red and Rainier Cherries!)

I think my Girl’s Guide to Grilling post for Foodbuzz’s 24×24 took a lot out of me in terms of this week’s blogging potential!  First off, I have to note there will be no meal plan this week.  I am tracking my calories, but we have so much left over food from the barbecue, that this week is “Eat from My Leftovers/Pantry/Freezer Week!”  You can view my food choices on my Spark Page at SparkPeople.com.

Here are some dinners I have in mind for the week:

  • Monday: Grilled Chicken Taco Salad (I had a whole platter full of left over lettuce to use)
  • Tuesday: Couscous w/ Tomato and Basil Sauce, topped with feta and steamed Broccoli (thanks to a 1/2 a plate of sliced tomatoes and onion and a bowl of feta)
  • Wednesday: Baked Potato w/ the works -Salsa, cheese, beans, organic, plain yogurt and 1/4 avocado (I have a huge russet potato left over from my Getting to Know you Party)
  • Thursday: Spaghetti (I have a thing of frozen meat sauce and I will add in some extra Tomato and Basil Sauce), served with cooked carrots.
  • Friday: Beans and Rice?
  • Saturday: BBQ Chicken Pizza
  • Sunday:  4th of July, maybe some grilled dogs!  🙂

Other than that my breakfasts and lunches consist of peanut butter, jelly, left over whole wheat buns, Wasa crackers w/salsa, granola, yogurt, fruit, and left over humus, and Greek relish.  Humus, my Greek relish, mozzarella cheese and feta heated up in the microwave make for an excellent hot sandwich!

Question:  What are some ingredients you need to use in your pantry/freezer/leftovers?  What sort of interesting dish could you make with those?

Also I have a few thank yous to dish out!

Thank you to those that read my “Exercise Expertise” post and offered up some suggestions to help me out.  Here are some tips from y’all for sprucing up my weight loss goal:

  • Short bursts of walks throughout my day in about 10 minute increments.  I’ve already put this in practice!  Thanks Andrea!
  • 10 minutes of Yoga when I wake up and in the evening!  This has been a goal of mine for a while.  Thanks for the challenge, http://foodfitnessfreshair.com
  • Taking a walk during lunch.  Great idea, Autumn.
  • Stationery Bike in the corner from my lovely coworker, Melissa.  Gracias amigo!
  • Not eating enough calories.  I am still considering this one.  Though I haven’t had much success with the amount of calories I eat now, so I am skeptical. BUT I do appreciate you making me think and consider all my options.  Thanks again, http://runeatrepeat3.wordpress.com/.

I also can’t forget a BIG HUGE GINORMOUS thank you to Alli and Melissa for all their help during my Barbecue Cookout.  I didn’t plan on putting them to work, but I am so glad they came before all the teens.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

–Shawnee, The Ex-Perfectionist

‘Cause life isn’t perfect, but with a little planning and preparation, you can almost come close!

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7 Responses to Leftovers/Pantry/Freezer Week

  1. Monique@She's Going The Distance says:

    I allllways want fresh produce in my fridge. It’s so versatile 🙂

  2. Simply Life says:

    we hosted a buitoni party this weekend and had SO much fun doing it but were EXHAUSTED the next couple days!

  3. I’ve been doing great at using up leftovers this week… somehow bread always goes bad before I can eat it, so I need to use that up… along with celery! Haha, how random.

    I’m thinking sandwiches and bloody marys (with celery!) 😉

  4. I love weeks of using up leftovers! And, I think your menu sounds wonderful for the week! Every week I make a goal of eating all of the produce that I buy…I tend to go a little produce crazy at the store or farmer’s market and then we have to try to eat it all!

  5. little (A) says:

    Some of my most delicious creations have come out of just using my leftovers or that extra bit of something that is taking up space in my fridge 🙂

    It was my pleasure to help with the bbq 🙂 Cheers to it being so successful and wonderful burgers!

  6. thehungryscholar says:

    I need to use instant oatmeal, but I don’t eat it any more. Wah wah!

  7. Kate says:

    fresh cherries are so good! i always forget how much i like them.

    and i think clean out weeks are good practices in creativity. i need to do another one soon!

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