Something about Swimming

There is just something about swimming.

If yoga is meditation in motion, then swimming laps is equivalent to lying under a willow tree on a sunny day with a soft breeze, and examining life in deep contemplation.  My gym membership turned 5 months old this month and not once had I swam laps before this past week.  What held me back? 1.) After moving to my new home I couldn’t find my goggles or sporty swim suit.  2.) I had this terrible thought in my mind that swimming laps at 6 a.m. = cold.  I didn’t like that thought so much.

My internal battle went something like this:

“Shawnee, you need to go swimming.”

“But I don’t have my goggles or swim suit and it’s cold!”

“It’s only cold for a minute.”

“But that’s a whole minute.”

This argument went on for months, five of them to be exact!  Finally, level-headed Shawnee won the argument.  I am so glad she did.  Thanks pal!  Last week, I broke down and bought some goggles.  However, I still can’t find my suit, so I opted for wearing a classy flowery one instead.  My first swim followed Zumba last week, which will probably become a weekly tradition.  The second swim happened this morning.

But I had a problem this a.m.  I drank a whole cup of coffee before the swim and I am pretty sure I didn’t drink any water!!!  After 15 minutes of swimming I felt totally woozy, light headed and my head pounded incessantly.  I am sure your first thought is food.  But I did eat a graham cracker before going.  I am normally ok without eating until after my workout.  I am pretty sure it was the coffee.

What are some exercise problems/dilemmas you’ve experienced lately?  Anything we can all learn from?

Today’s menu:

Tuesday (approx 1570 cal. and 52 grams of fat):

Breakfast: 2 pieces toast, w/ 1 tbsp PB & 1tbsp. natural jam, ½ c yogurt and 1 serv. fruit

Snack:   1 serv.  Fruit

Lunch:  1 c. left over stir fry veggies, ½ c. rice w/ ½ chicken breast

Snack:  Tuna stuffed green pepper (1/2 green pepper stuffed with ½ can tuna and 1 tbsp light may with olive oil, topped with 1 oz cheese)

Dinner:  Spinach, Pasta and Walnut Salad (See Recipe) , 1 c. milk

–Shawnee, The Ex-Perfectionist

‘Cause life isn’t perfect, but with a little planning and preparation, you can almost come close!

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9 Responses to Something about Swimming

  1. Way to go with the swim! Good for you! I don’t know how to swim well enough to swim laps, so I don’t use swimming as exercise! I keep saying that I need to learn!

  2. actorsdiet says:

    i haven’t gone swimming in forever! once it warms up a bit i will (i can’t believe it’s almost july and it hasn’t gotten really hot in l.a. yet)

  3. Lindsay says:

    I’ve been thinking about swimming lessons forever. I can swim if I need to save my life, but I’d like to have some real form! I’ve learned a ton of lessons from excercise. The one that really sticks out is good socks. I used to get the worst blisters until I learned about wicking socks. I haven’t had one since I started buying those.

  4. Simply Life says:

    I love swimming when I’m the only one in the pool and don’t have to worry about how childish I look or who I’m going to run into – it’s such a great workout! Way to go!

  5. I wish I knew how to swim “for real”. It’s such a great exercise! When I swim though, it’s usually in the lake and a combo of back stroke, doggy paddle and underwater frog swimming… haha 🙂

  6. Sonia says:

    Yay for going swimming!
    I was a late bloomer and didn’t learn how to swim til I was like 10…a little embarrassing! I have been having the same internal debate about swimming again as well… I know it’s a great workout but I just can’t get myself to go- instead of convincing myself that the water is too cold I convince myself that there won’t be any lanes open for me!

  7. Nice! Swimming is great and such an awesome workout! Congrats for taking the plunge!

  8. Swimming always kills me, great job getting it in!

  9. Swimming is great. I did it again tonight. I am fortunate enough to have had many swim lessons and I swam varsity in high school. It burns a lot of calories!

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