Kardea Bars: Review and Giveaway!

It sounds strange, but I take a little comfort in knowing that after a very long and stressful day at work, I can run away to my Zumba class, swim a few relaxing laps and take a dip in the hot tub.

My Wednesday nights usually go like this:  Rush through the 15 minute commute home; push my dog out the door to go potty; change into workout clothes; put dog in house; and rush to Zumba.

Luckily my Zumba teacher is the opposite of prompt and class usually begins at 6:05.  I don’t normally stay to swim laps.  But tonight my stress level was “up to here” and a few laps sounded so peacefully wonderful. Ahhh.

Since I added in an extra workout tonight, I allowed myself a tasty-healthful snack before exercising.  Presenting, Kardea Bar! Kardea was gracious enough to send me a 4 pack sampler to try out.  So far, I’ve tried the Chai Spice and tonight I had Banana Nut.

When I bit into the Chai Spice I was a little confused.  It really tastes like chai tea.  I thought, “Is this tea? Is this a bar?”  I have never experienced anything like the Kardea Bar.  I figured it would taste equivalent to a Laura Bar, but I was wrong.  The Banana Nut variety was good too.  It could have been a little stronger in the banana and cinnamon department, but overall very tasty.

Not only do these bars pack a tasty punch, but they are loaded with good-for-you ingredient.  Check out the following nutrition information, enclosed with my sample:

Sensory Overview

Cranberry Almond – recalls the taste of an almond croissant

Banana Nut – warmth of home baked banana bread

Chai Spice – as flavorful as the tea, suggestions of pumpkin pie

Lemon Ginger – with the zing of a lemon square

Functional Overview

Nutritionally Ballanced

  • 7 g Fiber, 7g Protein, 4.5 Healthy Fats from Almonds

Supports Weight Management

  • Only 150 Calories (Significantly Less than most Nutritional Bars!)
  • 2.5 Weight Watcher Points

Good for Diabetic Snacking

  • 1 Diabetic Starch Exchange
  • Low Glycemic

Heart Healthy

  • Delivers 4 Ingredients with Proven Heart Healthy Benefits
  1. 1g Plant Sterols
  2. Oats
  3. Psyllium
  4. Vegan Proteins
  • Low Saturated Fat/Low Sodium/Now Trans Fat

Kosher-Certified, Vegan

Because of all the fiber and protein, this little bar got me through an hour of Zumba and 20 minutes of lap swimming.  I didn’t eat until 8:30 p.m. and I felt a-ok.

You’re dreaming about eating one right now, aren’t you?  Well here’s your chance to win!

Kardea wants to give away two sampler packs to my readers!  One lucky individual will receive a 10 pack sampler with all of the flavors and a second person will receive a 4 pack sampler!

Contact Kardea in one or more of the following ways:

1)       Via email customerservice@kardeanutrition.com

2)      Follow and DM us on Twitter (KardeaNutrition)

3)      “Like” us on Facebook (become a fan) http://www.Facebook.com/KardeaNutrition

When contacting Kardea, please tell them that you read my blog, The Ex-Perfectionist, and are entering the drawing for a free box.  If you contact them in more than one way, you have more chances to win.

This giveaway will end on June 29 at midnight PST.  Please submit all your entries before that time. Kardea will notify me off all entries and I will randomly choose the winner! 

Check Kardea out at www.kardeanutritionl.com or www.kardeagourmet.com.

Question:  What do you look for in a nutrition bar?

Today’s Menu


Breakfast:   ½ c. yogurt, 2 serv. fruit, ½ c. granola, 1 piece of toast with 1 tbsp jam

Snack:  1 serv. fruit

Lunch:  Left over Salmon Alfredo and Broccoli

Snack:  1 serv. cheese, 1 serv. veggies, coffee and 1 serv. Silk

Dinner:  Walnut Pear Salad (1 c. romaine, 1 c spinach, ½ pear diced, ¼ c. cherry tomatoes, 2 tbsp diced red onions, 1 oz walnuts, 1 tbsp honey, ½ tbsp olive oil, ½ tbsp balsamic vineger) and 1 slice of whole wheat bread

–Shawnee, The Ex-Perfectionist

‘Cause life isn’t perfect, but with a little planning and preparation, you can almost come close!

*Kardea provided the samples for free.  I did not get paid for review of this product.

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14 Responses to Kardea Bars: Review and Giveaway!

  1. Simply Life says:

    I was recently able to try their bars and loved the unique flavors!

  2. thehungryscholar says:

    What great flavors. I have to try these!

  3. I really like the flavor of the Kardea bars.
    When I pick out a bar, it has to have a rocking flavor. The nutrition stats that I look for depend on when I plan to eat it. If it is pre-workout then I want lots of carbs, while post workout I want more protein.

  4. actorsdiet says:

    great giveaway – kardea bars are yum.

  5. These look like some great flavors! I’m definitely going to have to try these!

  6. Kate says:

    the bars sound super good! chai? yum!!!

    and i agree. there are days when i really cannot wait to get to the gym.

  7. I love the chai Kardeas! Great review 🙂

  8. Monique says:

    I’ve really started liking chai flavors 🙂 I had a chai chocolate truffle in February and it was amazing!!

  9. MizFit says:


    I hear you saying I need to FINALLYATLONGLAST check out Zumba 🙂

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