Weekend Healthy Habit Guide

(Tonight’s dinner: Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry: Chicken breast, broccoli, carrots, spinach, celery, onion, garlic and sesame seeds.  For the teiyaki sauce: 1 part brown sugar, 1 part low sodium soy sauce, 1/3 part water and garlic powder to taste.  P.S.  Thanks for all the tasty ideas for stir fry.  I am excited to try some.  YUM!)

So, I have a love-hate relationship with the weekend.  I love that it’s my own schedule.  I get to relax and complete on-going projects.  But I despise my not exercising and poor eating habits due to the laid back, unpredictability of the weekend.

Surviving the weekend tends to be a popular article topic among health resources.  However, I believe just enduring the weekend is a little too easy.  How about a guide that helps to build healthy habits?    Now, I don’t mean following the same routine every weekend either.  Because let’s face it, if you work during the week (especially 9-5 or some form thereof), you’ve got enough routine to last until your hair turns light purple from a bad dye job.    

What I am envisioning is building habits to help us be prepared the next time something unexpected comes up, especially on the weekend. 

I want you to join the conversation too!  What is a specific example of weekend when you’ve experienced a hard or tempting situation?  What is a habit you could have used to help you be more prepared in that situation?

Below is my list, I will post your responses (along with your names and the links to your blogs) in the next days to come.

The Weekend Healthy Habit Guide

1.       Potlucks.  Baptists + Summer = Potlucks.  Potlucks = Not very healthy dishes.  A forgotten potluck appeared on my schedule this weekend.  My plate included: 1 cup of fruit, ½ cup baked beans, 1 cup of jambalaya, and about a tbsp of mac-n-cheese (which wasn’t that good).  I probably should have stuck with…

Habit:    Divide or proportion your plate.  Fill ½ your plate or more with veggies, fruit and green salads.  And then have about ½ cup to 1 cup of a healthier dish such as: spaghetti, chicken and rice, beans, etc.  Steer clear of potato/macaroni or other mayonnaise-y dishes.  Also, fried chicken, meatballs, mac-n- cheese, au gratin potatoes and basically anything fried or covered in cheese.  You know, stay away from all the tasty stuff.

2.        BBQs. Graduation, Father’s Day, birthdays, just because, church (ours happens weekly), etc.

Habit:  Just say no! Most of the above rules apply, plus to save on extra calories say no to cheese (sad day!),mayo and potato chips.  Perhaps you could bring your own whole wheat sandwich thins. Or is that tacky?  I’ve heated up my own veggie burgers at my church BBQs (did I mention they happen every single Sunday May-September?), I’ve also had meatless burgers too!  Anyone have anything else to add to this one?

3.            Skipping meals.  I have this odd habit of skipping meals on the weekend so I can get a latte.  I even planned one in to my menu this week!  I know that this is a really bad habit to have, not just on the weekend but any day!

Habit:  Eat at least three meals, even if they’re smaller, and enjoy a small version of my favorite treat.  Such as tall and nonfat. 

These are just a few of my bad habits and a few ideas to avoid.  Please offer up a new bad habit and a solution, or a solution to a bad habit already listed!  I am excited to see what you all come up with.

Today’s Meal Plan

Monday  (approx 1525 cal. And 53 grams of fat):

Breakfast:   Breakfast:   1 serv. oatmeal with 1 oz nuts, ½ c. berries, ½ c. milk and coffee with Stevia and milk

Snack:  ½ c. yogurt and 1 serv. fruit

Lunch:  2 slices of whole wheat bread w/ 1 tbsp PB & 1tbsp. natural jam, 2 serv. fresh veggies

Snack:  1 serv. fruit, coffee with 1 serv. Silk and Stevia

Dinner:  Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry (1/2 chicken breast, 1.5 c. stir fry veggies, ½ c. rice noodles, 1 tbsp teriyaki sauce)

Shawnee, The Ex-Perfectionist

‘Cause life isn’t perfect, but with a little planning and preparation, you can almost come close!

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9 Responses to Weekend Healthy Habit Guide

  1. That stir fry looks fantastic! One habit I see in my clients…

    Bad Habit: Not measuring foods

    Fix: No one likes to be forced to measure every morsel that goes into their mouth, but when weight loss is your goal, it helps to make sure you are accurately tracking your calories and/or dietary exchanges. Don’t haul your measuring cups with you while you’re out, but at home, measure your ingredients to ensure you are eating the correct portion and develop a good eyeballing measurements skill. It’s amazing how quickly a 1/2 c can morph into a 1.5 c!

  2. Simply Life says:

    WOW! This looks SO good!

  3. Great post!

    Bad Habit: Indulging in “special treats” all weekend long – dessert Friday, breakfast out on Saturday, latte on Sunday, etc.

    Good Habit: Choose one special indulgence per weekend, and really take the time to savor every moment of it.

  4. Your stir fry looks beautiful!! Mine are never that pretty but they sure are tasty. And I definitely think it is a great idea to eat small meals throughout the day because going too long without food makes me grouchy and then I eat anything in sight. You should of course still enjoy your latte though! 🙂

  5. Sojourner says:

    What?! No fried chicken? 🙂 It’s true though…BBQ’s are a big hit for the Baptists. Food is our love language. 🙂

  6. Situation: Weddings + Celebrations = Booze! Which can lead to more eating!

    Habit: Whenever I make my own drink, I pack my glass with ice so there is less room for liquid and the ice dilutes it a bit. If I’m at a wedding or event where the bartender makes the drink I often order my drink in some sort of spritzer form and make myself drink water in between drinks.

    Situation – Eating out / eating take out all weekend because I didn’t plan / feel lazy / the list goes on…

    Habit: Plan ahead! I look at my weekend schedule to see when we have plans that result in eating out, then I fill in the other meals with healthier options. I use the weekends to try new recipes that might take more time than usual. I also try to make weekend meals a little more fun!

  7. actorsdiet says:

    dinner looks terrific!
    i find that i just enjoy truly special foods when i’m eating at a party or celebration. i can get potato chips, cheese, and crackers any day but not pigs in a blanket!!!

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  9. Howdy, just a short note to swing by and say thx for the insights on this page. I ended up on your blog after searching wellness and fitness related stuff on Yahoo… guess I somewhat lost my focus! Nonetheless I shall be back again in the future to look at your posts down the road. See you later!

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