Teriyaki Tilapia

For those of you who’ve visited so far today, thanks!  I’ve received a ton of support and a lot of hits on the site (I love Word Press’ stat viewer!).  I’m still working out some details with the new blog, but so far everything is running smoothly.

Tonight’s meal was a success.  I feasted on Teriyaki Tilapia, stir fry veggies and wheat berries. I attribute it all to the two hours I spent in the kitchen yesterday prepping produce.  I’m not joking, check out that leaning tower of produce.  I even chopped about 3 weeks worth of garlic.  All in all that’s one weeks worth of veggies for all my meals.

Now, dinner wasn’t 100% perfect.  Why?  Because life isn’t.  In all of my prep work yesterday I forgot to prep the rice.  While at work, I called my darling hubby to have him start the rice.  What I nice guy.  I got home, opened the lid to check on the rice, and to my surprise I see…wheat berries!  Oh well.  They were still tasty.

So you’ll see that little discrepancy on my meal plan below.  I also added a little teriyaki sauce, which was not on the plan. Because I followed the plan so well today and still have room on my calories (Goal is 1500 but under 1600), I am going to have one or two bites of the slice Butter-Cake my friend sent home to me!  I’m excited.

Come back tomorrow for a scrumptious and healthified recipe!

Monday (approx 1450 cal. and 53 grams of fat):

Breakfast:   1 serv. oatmeal with 1 oz nuts, ½ c. berries, ½ c. milk and coffee with Stevia and milk

Snack:  1 serv. Fruit

Lunch:  2 slices of whole wheat bread w/ 1 tbsp PB & 1tbsp. natural jam, ½ yogurt and 1 serv. fruit

Snack:  1 serv. veggies, 1 oz. cheese, coffee w/Silk & Stevia

Dinner:  1 serv. tilapia w/ 1 c. stir fry veggies, and  ½ c. brown  rice

Click here to see the rest of the week’s menu and grocery list!

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4 Responses to Teriyaki Tilapia

  1. MaryMoh says:

    That’s a very lovely meal. I love anything teriyaki….delicious….mmm

  2. Simply Life says:

    Your new site looks GREAT! I’ve been thinking about making the move to my own domain – what did you use? Was it pretty easy to transfer everything over and create your own look? ANY advice about this would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  3. Congrats on the move! Everything looks great! Including that yummy dinner. I think wheatberries complemented it well, even if you meant it to be rice!

  4. Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂
    How were the wheatberries?! I just bought some and have no idea what I want to do with them!

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